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Alpha Architect For Advisors

Your Alpha Architect services.

Research-backed, systematic strategies built to emphasize value and momentum factors or potentially diversify portfolio risk

Robust model portfolios that incorporate global value and momentum factors alongside low-cost index strategies

Security-level insights on over 15,000 securities with over 40 advanced data points to elevate client and prospect conversations

Solutions for advisors who build.


Focused Value Factor ETFs
Uses a systematic, rules-based approach to buy the ~50 cheapest, highest quality stocks in US and Developed Markets.

Focused Momentum Factor ETFs
Uses a systematic, rules-based approach to buy the ~50 highest momentum stocks in the US and Developed Markets.

Systematic Diversifiers
Uses a systematic, rules-based approach to source potentially uncorrelated returns from traditional and alternative asset classes.


We believe our systematic approach may generate more consistent results, regardless of market conditions.


Models use low-cost passive strategies alongside systematic ETFs for a balanced approach


Globally Diversified
Invests in US stocks and bonds, developed and emerging market stocks, and alternatives

Systematic and Factor-based
Balances concentrated value and momentum with passive strategies

Fully Customizable
Use our model as a starting point to build your own or contact us today for a consultation.


Create visually compelling client-facing content
Turn detailed analysis into visually rich client-facing content.

Uncover opportunities in prospect and client portfolios
Show prospects the difference between a truly active strategy and a “closet index” strategy.

Build and analyze custom portfolios
Measure characteristics and factor tilts for customized portfolios.


Portfolio Architect offers unparalleled insight into client and prospect portfolios

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